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Sep.25. 2011 the 36th annual concert Kashiwa City, Japan
  madrigals      J.  Dowland
  Missa pro defunctis      J.  Busto
  from Japanese Lyric Song Collection      arr. by H.  Hayashi
  from Japanese Folksong Collection      arr. by R.  Maruyama

Composer Song Year
Bach ,J.S.Magnifitat BWV 243,243a1982
Cantate Nr.4 "Christ lag in Todesbanden"1984
Missa brevis Nr.1 in F1992
from Coral, from Cantate Nr.140, fron Motette Nr.3, from Johannes Passion BWV245, and others1994
Motette Nr.3 ,BWV2272004
Brahms ,J.from Deuiche Folk Song "Von erder Art", "Mit Lust tat ich ausreiten"1994
Britten ,B.A Ceremony of Carols1998
Busto , J.Puer natus est nobis, Exsultate Deo, Laudate Domino, Comedetis carnes, Ave Maria2003
Missa pro defunctis2008, 2011
Byrd ,W.from his Motette, In Festo Corpus Domini1982
Mass for four voices1990
from his Motette Senex, Puerum, Ave Verum
same as aboves and Alleluia Ave Maria, Cibabit Eos
Motteto // Beta Viscera, Confirma Hoc Deus, Justorum Animae, Citivit Eos, Oculi Omnium, Ave Verum corpus2001
O Magnum Misterium2006
Carter ,A.Te Deum2006
Charpentier ,M.Messe De Minuit1998
Dowland,J.his madrigals 2011
Faurè ,G.Requiem1989, 2001
Foster ,S.C.Chorus Collection ( Beautiful Dreamer, Old Folks at Home, and others )1979
Chorus Collection ( My Old Kentucky Home, Old Black Joe, Oh! Susanna, Old Folks at Home )1996
Händel ,G.F.Oratorio Messiah     in Japanese translated by Karasawa1995, 2000, 2005
Lasso ,O.from his Madrigali : Schönes Frühlingesblümchen , Matona mia cara , Echo , and others )1975
Liszt ,F.Missa Choralis ( for Mixed chorus and Organ )1993
Mendelssohn ,F.from his chorus books : Drei Folkslieder , Die Nachtigall , Lerchengesang , and others1975, 1980
Monteverdi ,C.Laqrime e d'amante al sepoicro dell'amata1981
from his Madrigali : S'andasse Amor a caccia , Ecco mormorar l'onde , Lasciate mi morire , Zefiro torna and others )1987
Mozart ,W.A.Missa Brevis in F, KV1921977
Missa Brevis in D-mor, KV1941978
Missa Brevis in C, KV220 "Spätzen"1979
Missa Brevis in C, KV2591980
Missa Brevis in Bes, KV2751985
Missa Brevis in C, KV317 (Krönungsmesse)1981, 1986,
1996, 2010
Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, KV3391991
Requiem, KV6261988, 2010
Palestrina ,G.P.Motet Collection ( Sicut cervus, Sitivit anima mea, Super flumina Babylonis, Dies sanctificatus, and oyhers )1986, 1997, 2004, 2009
Hodie Christus natus est, Stabat Mater dolorosa2004
Pärt, ASumma, Cantate Domino Cantaticum Novum, Magnificat 2002
Schafer ,R.M.Miniwanka2003
Schubert ,F.Missa in G-mor1987
Victoria ,T.L.Ave Maria, Magnificat and others1978, 2002
Vivaldi ,A.Gloria1976, 1997
Renaissance Collection
RenaissanceApril is my mistress face , Lamento D'Arianna , Ecco mormorar l'onde , and others1979
RenaissanceAve Maria, Hodie Christus, O magnum misterium, and others1984
RenaissanceMatona mia cara, Ecco mormorar londe, O magnum, and others1985
Works of Palestrina, Tallis and ByrdSicut Cervus Desoderat (G.P.de Palestrina.), The Lamentations of Jeremiah (T. Tallis), Ave Verm Corpus (W.Byrd)1996
Works of Dowlandhis madrigals 2011
see the collum of   Palestrina ,G.P,   the composer
Religious Music
The Anglican ChurchAudivi, Media Nocte ( T. Tallis ), O Magnum Misterium ( W. Byrd ), Almighty and Everlasting God ( O. Gibbons ), Ave Verum ( E. Elgar )2006
World Folksong
FinnishFinnish folk songs Japanese words1977
WorldWorld folk songs Japanese words1981
AmericanAmerican folk songs : Home on the Range , Beautiful Dreamer , Oh! Susanna , Nobody knows , Dry Bones , Michael row the Boat , and others Japanese words1985
PolishPolish folk songs Japanese words1988
BritishBritish : Annie Laurie , Hundred Pipers , Cockles and Muscles , and others Japanese words1993
English, Scotch, Welsh, and IrishEngland : Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron , The Mermaid , Scotland : Afton Water , Wales : Swansea Town , Dashenka , Ireland : Londonderry Air Japanese words2006
World SongsUS (Ordway) : Dreaming of Home and Mother ,
England : Greensleeves , Italia(Denza) : Funiculi funicula , Korea : Alilang  Japanese words
Populars and others
PopularsNegro Spirituals , Beatles , Sound of Music , and others 1990
Disney SongsLittle April Shower , Heigh-Ho , Alice in Wonderland , and others : arranged by Katsumi Oguri, Japanese words1994
MusicalsFuniculi-Funicula , Bali-Hi , Tritch Tratch Polca , Memory , Trinklied1996
Roger Wagner'sLove's Old Sweet Song, Danny Boy, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, Oh My Darling Clementine, The Last Rose of Summer, Nelly Bly Japanese words1999
composed or arranged by EnglishFyer Fyer !, Sweet and low, Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit,
Takeda Lullaby (Arr. by English - origin is Japan),
Deep River (Arr. by English - origin is a black-spiritual)
Popular chorus songs in EnglandLocus Iste (Bruckner), My Spirit Sang All Day (Finzi), The Silver Swan (Gibbons), Ave Maria (Rachmaninov), Zadok the Priest (Hamdel)2007
Japanese Songs
Aoshima ,H.from his arrangements "Modotte kita uta means comebacked songs " : "Hamachidori", "Koganemushi means gold beetle ","Aoime no ningyou means The doll having blue eyes ", " Kono michi means this road ", and others1987
from his arrangements : "Magarikado no uta" and "Kado o magatta uta"1991
Mizuumi no uta"1999
Dan ,I.Suit "Chikugo-gawa"1977
Hagiwara ,H.Suit "Hosi no umareru yoru"1991
Hayashi ,H. arr.his arrangement Collection "Chicchana buubiibuu" and others1980
from Japanese Lyric Song Collection "Soushunfu", "Yashi no mi", "Hamabe no uta", "Koujou no tsuki", "Kono michi", "Gondora no uta", and or the like1980, 1997,
2008, 2011
Ikebe ,S.Fairy Story for Mixed Chorus "Samishii osakana"1993
Mixed Chorus Collection "Muttsu no uta six songs "1986
Japanese SongJapanese Songs "Sousyunfu","Natsu no omoide","Sunayama", and others1975
Kobayashi ,H.Mixed Chorus Collection "Karamatsu"1997
Minami , Y.Suit "Nichiyoubi Sunday "1978, 1984
Nakata ,Y.Four Seasons Songs of Japan "Natsu no omoide", "Yuki no furu machi o", and others1978
Niimi ,T.Chorus Suit "Younen entou"1985
Suit "Hikari no gensou"1989
Suit "Budo tsumi Grape harvest "2002
Nobunaga ,T.Suit "Tabi no kanata ni beyond the Journey "2008
Oguri ,Khis Collection "Kitte","Toki no ma ni"1994
Ohnaka ,M.Mixed Chorus Suit "Kaze no uta"1980
from Mixed Chorus Collection by Children's songs1982
Sakai, R.Jirai dewanaku hana o kudasai No mine! but flowers please "2002
Sato ,MSuit for Mixed Chorus "Tabi journey "1979
Shimizu ,O.Suit "Yama ni inoru"1976, 1988
Takata ,S.Mixed Chorus Suit "Mizu no inochi Soul of Water"1992, 2007
Takata ,S."Kokoro no shiki Four seasons in my mind "2001
Songs for Mixed Chorus "Chiisana sora","Koi no Kakurenbo","Tsubasa"1989
Terashima ,RSuit for Mixed Chorus "sketch of Okinawa"2009
Watanabe ,S."Kibou e no airmail Airmail for hope " 2003
Yamada ,K.Lied collection Pechka , "Machibouke", "Karatachi no hana"1976
Japanese Populars"Koi ni ochite","Itoshi no Elliy","Ruri iro no chikyu", and others1992
Populars we sang in England."Hana","chin chin Chidori","Chiisana Sora", , "Circle and Trigona no Uta", "Koujouno tsuki"2007
Original Composition, Invention, and Arrangment of Fonte
Maruyama ,RSuit for chorus and reading " Nightingale and Rose "1982
Maruyama ,R arr.from his arrengement collection, " Kon'nichiwa akachan dear baby ", " Mittsu no warabeuta three children's songs "1984
Chorus Composition " Nihon no shiki four seasons in Japan "1990
Japanese folk song // "Soranbushi", "Nanbu ushioiuta", "Saitara bushi", "Souma bon odoriuta", "Kokirikobushi", "Kaigarabushi", "Kompirafunefune", "Hietsukibushi", "Asatoya yunta"2003
Japanese folk song // "Souma bon odoriuta" , "Nanbu ushioiuta" , "Saitara bushi"2011
Karasawa ,M. inv.Suit for chorus and talk " Christmas Presents "1986, 1998, 2004
The choir Fuga and Karasawa ,M. inv.Suit for chorus and talk " The Fall of Freddie the Leaf  "2009

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