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Kyoto is 400 km (249 miles) far from Nagareyama-city.

Approximatery, it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes by rail.

Kyoto was built in 794 as the Capital of Japan.   The city has over 1200 years of history.   Until 1868 of relocation the capital to Tokyo, Kyoto was the capital of Japan.

Now, 17 temples, shrines and all are assigned as Cultural World Heritage.
45,540,000 persons visited Kyoto in 2004.   Kyoto Shimbun News reported that 450,000 foreigners visited kyoto in 2002.  Roughly 1 % of visitors are foreigners.

In 2005, World Chorus Festival was held in Kyoto.

Spring - - - Ginkakuji Temple
Summer - - - Gion Matsuri cavalcade

Autumn - - - Eikando Temple
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