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Osaka City is 420 km (261 miles) far from Nagareyama-city.

Approximatery, it takes 4 hours by rail.

From the beginning the Japanese country, Osaka existed as an international harbor. From China or Korea, much culture was accepted with excellent talented people. From A.D.652 to 655, and 744 to 710 it was the Capital of Japan. Although an age is not exact, in the 5th century it was a capital.

Many huge ancient tombs are located in Osaka pref..
Although the highest tumulus in the world is the pyramid of Egypt, but the tumulus where area is the largest, and the tumulus where volume is the largest are located in Osaka pref. in Japan.

In the 16th century the chief adviser to the Emperor (" Taikou ") who unified Japan built a castle there, and was taken as the administrative agency.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the administrative agency moved to present Tokyo, also after that Osaka prospered as a commercial center of Japan. Even now, Osaka is the central city of western part of Japan.
Osaka is famous for food being delicious.

Osaka Cassle and buildings

About 15km southeast from Osaka Castle, the tumulus world's largest by volume is located
Kondayama tumulus, it says if it is the mausoleum of Emperor Ohjin. Therefore, entry is not permitted.

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