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Tokyo is 25 km (16 miles) far from Nagareyama-city.
Approximatery, it takes 50 minutes by rail.
Tokyo is the Capital of Japan.

In the city, many operas and concerts are performed and,
various historical inheritances and arts are exhibited in museums or art museums and,
we can taste the beer and wine in the world and,
drink them or sake calmly or loudly and,
we can eat delicious dishes in the world of French, Italian, Chinese, etc, also siikh kabaab and,
department stores and supermarkets are convenient to shopping and,
having nothing to do with me,
Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Tiffany, Hermes and others set up shops.

Tokyo is such a city for me.

Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Station


Kabuki Cho

cherry blossom of Imperial moat

In 2012, a new architecture changed the landscape of Tokyo.
Tokyo Skytree, the highest tower in the world. The hight is 634m ( 2080ft)

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