Mixed Chorus
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since 1974
the last update Aug. 30, 2015

1. Introduction of  FONTE

          Our chorus group Fonte was born in the winter of 1974 by the name of Nagareyama Citizen Chorus.  The next fall we had a debut concert by 20 members at Kashiwa Culture Hall of the neighboring city.  The conductor, Mr. Masanobu Karasawa has been leading the choir since the beginning.  We sing various kinds of music,  Japanese and European,  but mainly renaissance and classic works by Byrd, Palestrina and Mozart.  Luckily we have got several good players of musical instruments in the neighborhood who are willing to accompany our chorus.  Every year we hold annual concert and played Mozart masses and Handel's " Messiah " with chorus and orchestra.  The members are now about 50,  retired persons, housewives, office workers and nurses, etc.  Though we are not professional,  we love singing together.
          After the 15th annual concert we decided to change our name from Nagareyama Citizen Chorus to Mixed Chorus " Fonte ", which means ' fountain ' in Italian.  We hoped to keep singing many songs one after another like water in a fountain.
          Besides the annual concert we sing in the chorus festival in our city Nagareyama and prefectural festival in Chiba,  and at Christmas we sing carols before the patients in a hospital.  Fonte has played the leading role in the cultural aspects in this area,  we think.

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2. Sound Library
Listen to our sounds in the
Sound Library pages.
We prepared following sounds of mp3 format.
Sound Page
G.F.Händel Oratorio Messiah
  in Japanese translated by M.Karasawa
G.Fauré Requiem
W.A.Mozart Requiem
W.A.Mozart Ave verum corpus

3. Activities
          Fonte played up many Renaissance numbers. Baroque and Classic too.   They are one of our standard program of our concert. Fonte played up many Japanese songs, too.   And played up to contemporary music and original editted configurations.

For more information, see activities.

4. Twelve monthes of Fonte
We introduce our twelve monthes in Nagareyama, Japan with photographs.

Jan. Feb. Mar Apr. May Jun.
Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.

5. Contact us
telephone : +81-4-7152-7428 : Toshiaki Fukuoka, Representative
website : contact us : Makoto Furuichi, Webmaster.

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